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Q&A with Kathrin Burckhardt and Julie Barnes, Co-Founders of Cat in a Flat


I do love my cats, we have two, Rosie and Maddie and they are such a part of the family that we miss them terribly when we go away. I'm lucky enough to have a very committed Dad who comes and feeds the cats twice a day (by bike I might add, aged 81) and chats to them and cuddles them, but in the past I've had to use a cattery (terrible experience for both of us) or a kind neighbour. With that in mind I was intrigued to find out what the experts had to say about leaving our four legged friends … [Continue reading]

Thank you Kelloggs Nutri-Grain – you understand my life


s Breaking my blog silence for this one. I know it's a PR story but fair play to the PR agency because any normal mum (without 24 hour support and on tap help) will feel bloody knackered by the time they get to work and no one but no one will really give a shit about that apart from another mum maybe. There's a sense of drowning, of never getting it right, of failing in every aspect of your life. Then you get home and the house needs tidying and cleaning and the dinner needs cooking … [Continue reading]

Life and stuff like that..

mum spawn

I saw a post on Facebook from Susanna Scott of A Modern Mother and Britmums fame recently. She had posted a link to the first British Mummy Bloggers carnival in 2010. One of my posts was in it, 20:20 Hindsight which was nice. So I read it of … [Continue reading]

9 Things to Do With The Kids at Half Term

I seem to spend a lot of time lately searching 'things to do with kids'. I think this is because they are at the age where they want to get out and do interesting stuff, the same old parks and places are becoming boring (their words not mine, I … [Continue reading]

I am Wonderwoman


I woke up this morning feeling less than wonderful. Sore throat, headache, felt like cement had been poured into my ear overnight. Not hungover I might add, just bone-achingly tired for a variety of reasons. So it was with delight that on entering … [Continue reading]

Yoga, Green Tea and Me

Gorgeous Wide Eye Ethical Beauty box

Everything I do in my life I tend to go at with total and complete enthusiasm. For about a month or two. Sometimes longer but in the words of Joan Armatrading - the passion fades. So it is rather refreshing that the slightly strange and unintended … [Continue reading]

Restore to Factory Settings

When our devices go wrong we normally have a moment's panic, followed by anger, exasperation and finally resignation; of course this would happen wouldn't it because everything that can go wrong does go wrong? So we rant and rave a bit, spend a few … [Continue reading]



First off I'm delighted that I managed to figure out how to access this blog again. I thought it was lost and gone forever and that the world would be left without any more of my hugely talented writing. But NO the universe was looking on at me and … [Continue reading]

All hail Kale


Do you know it's so rare that I write here that I cross my fingers each time that my computer will remember the password. It should be a simple thing to reset it but it's not because I set this up in 2009 and many email addresses and wordpress sites … [Continue reading]

Black Dogs and Good Friends

They really are 6 and 8 years old now. I am actually a proper mother, not a woman flailing around crazily thinking what on earth happened to MY LIFE. Truth is I can't remember really being me before the girls. It's not a long time but it's a … [Continue reading]