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I started It’s a Mummy’s Life when my youngest daughter was about 6 months old and my oldest was about two. With the highs came the lows and writing a blog was a therapeutic way to cope and gain support from the blogging community. After the first year or so I settled into recording the experiences of being a mother in all its chaotic, joyful, terrifying glory.

I would give anything to have had an insight into my own mother’s thoughts and feelings as she brought up my sister’s and I but all I’m left with are memories and photographs. I hope that one day my girls will get some enjoyment (and not too much embarrassment) from reading about how much their mother loves them.

I am a very busy working mum, I’ve also written a novel (as yet unpublished but I’m working on it), I’ve run several races (I’m not quite Mo Farah but I try and that’s the main thing) and I have an aversion to glue and glitter but occasionally I let my girls play with both because I’m a sucker for a big smile. I think life is much like learning to ride a bike; if I stop I might fall off.

Enjoy the blog. If you know me then you’ll know much more about me, if you don’t then you’ll feel like you do. Which may or may not be a good thing.

The blog has been featured in the following places:

At Home with Jo Frost, Favourite blogger

At Home with Jo Frost, Favourite blogger



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