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Joe McElderry I ain’t…

So the Christmas party. I opted for the M&S number (sorry Geriatric Mummy but frankly it was a kindness to others, even with the super hold you in knickers the prebaby dress would have scared the children). I felt it my duty to kick off the karoaoke proceedings and thereby give the rest of the troops the nod to get going themselves. I quickly worked out that I am one of those people who thinks they are rather good, but are actually rather dreadful. After dragging my friend Jo up to sing ‘Stop’ by the Spice Girls I was pretty much ordered to give the others a go. Thank god I’d adhered to my own rule of taking the next day off, actually the whole next week in this case.

No. 1 daughter currently desparate to close this laptop, she has finally stopped trying to press every button (after the naughty step…) but am going to have to blog off for now and give them some ‘quality time’.

More later x


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