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The problem with Piggy

Most children suck a thumb or have a favourite toy or blanket to help them sleep, so I’m told. Inexplicably no.1 daughter has a china piggy bank. I can’t quite recall how this started, but one night she just asked for Piggy who up until that point had been minding his own business on her chest of drawers. At first it was quite sweet and funny. We would smile at each other downstairs when we heard it being rolled over at night, the gentle chink of coins or the thud as it landed on the floor.

Now though, I’m trying to ‘wean’ her off him. Let’s face it it’s not that safe is it. I mean aside from the worrying capitalist tendancies it suggests, it’s a pretty big breakable object. I have tried replacing Piggy with a lovely blanket my sister gave her for Christmas, but it didn’t cut it. But shortly I will sneak in and Piggy will go to the great farm in the sky. It’s the only way.



  1. Good luck with that!

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