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The thorny issue of schools

I just read a really thought provoking blog post by Mummy365 made me think and thought it’d be interesting to continue the debate. We are moving soon (god willing it all goes through) and the main reason for this is because we wanted to find good state primary education for our girls. We both had excellent state education experiences and are fully confident that our girls will do well in that environment, but I completely respect anyone who says they want to go private. Just interested to hear some thoughts on it.

Aside from that, we had a v quiet new year. God I’m so dull. I did say that my better half could go to a dinner party we were invited to (I’m saying that so you know we did have Options, we’re not past it yet..)But being the perfect husband and father he ‘chose’ to stay in with Mrs Dullsville. I was, as predicted, in bed by 11.30 (asleep I might add) wasn’t quite able to stay up the extra half hour. We had a very nice New Year’s day. No. 1 daughter got her special ‘getty lunch’ (see earlier post) it was freezing cold though so she made do with a smoothie in Starbucks with Daddy instead of the swings and slides. Clearly that’s what she wanted and had nothing to do with Daddy wanting an Americano (how horribly yuppie that sounds).

I am off to my sister’s tomorrow leaving kids and him indoors behind. Hurrah! I love them all more than anything in the whole wide world (I also know he reads this…) but I am so looking forward to a night out with my two big sisters and most of all a Lie In in the morning!!!! Oh joy unparalleled.

Happy new year xx


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