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20:20 hindsight

Before Children; “I can’t believe xy and z let their 2 year old rule their household and do ridiculous things like choose the music in the car, hahahaha I’ll never do that.

Cut to 1st Jan 2010 and we are ferociously jumping to action when track one of Fruity Godamn Tunes finishes to flick through to track 9 before the in-car tantrum starts. The in-car version is just so much worse as there is no escape, although I have, in moments of despair, considered hurling myself from the moving vehicle. Maybe the short stay in hospital would provide some sleep time….

The toddler just will not entertain any other songs from the 20 track cd. My husband and I find ourselves longing to listen to the frog song, we fantasise about the brushing teeth song, but we are destined to listen to the opener and the Lion and the Monkey forever.

I have eaten a Christmas dinner’s worth of humble pie and apologise unreservedly to my parent friends if I ever doubted you.




  1. Lol I used to think things like that before I had kids. I used to see kids running round in cafes and think how can their parents let them do that. Now I realise the poor parents just want a coffee and a sit down as much as anyone else lol

  2. This made me laugh, i said all that ” i’ll never do so and so when i have kids…” But i find myself doing anything for an easy life these days! Hope you get to listen to that frog song some day soon :)

  3. Yes, having kids os a totally different ballgame, isn’t it!

  4. I never thought I would let my kids away with the things they get away with. Sometimes, I just don’t have any energy left, okay, often I don’t have any energy left. They are 8 and 9 and had so much more energy than us over Christmast, wanting to stay up later than us and get up earlier. Thank heavens for kids morning tv.

    Hope you have a good first day back. I am back at work today too. I hopped over to visit from british mummy bloggers.

  5. Hello, just hopped over from BMB too. We bought a DVD of nursery ryhmes from ELC earlier this week and our daughter loves it. She wants it on all the time, whilst we are already wishing we’d never bought it! We’ve also have the same ‘sleepy music’ CD for the past year or so now, so I can definitely sympathise. Hope your first day back isn’t too painful.

  6. SOunds like I’m not alone – which is always good to know! Happy new year all. x

  7. Anonymous says:

    This has really made me smile…fast forward to another 3 years and now our 5 year old has filled our car with Pop Party 7 and Now74 (I remember buying the first version of this when I was 12!)…what is going on?? My car used to play the coolest tunes ever and now we’re all singing along and doing actions to JLS and Chezza Cole! Arrghhh! Although I can thoroughly recommend the r’n'b flava of Amanda’s Actions Songs available to download on iTunes! Emx

  8. I have such a long list of ‘things i’ll never do when I’m a parent’ made from the comfort of my full of sleep, lack of small annoying person trying to climb up my legs, life.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve broken everyone of them and a load more that i hadn’t even thought of.


  9. Glad to know it isn’t just our house then!

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