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It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and I’m feeling blue….

Back at work already. Jesus that was quick. I have absolutely LOVED spending time with my little terrors, sorry angels and of course him indoors, who is wonderful, perfect and gorgeous in every way (and clearly reads this blog).

I find myself sitting in my lonely office, thinking ‘yeah it’s great to drink a cup of tea without being physically manhandled by a toddler, and yes I suppose it’s nice to be able to waste time on British Mummy Bloggers and other people’s blogs without having the keyboard buttons pulled off, but actually I’d love to be up at the swings right now’.

The reality is I am actually really hard at work,and have only stopped briefly for this (lord knows who’s reading this..). Clearly I will shortly sign off and go to a very important top level meeting and be all grown up.

But for now I’m still a mummy who misses her kids.

Quick mention of him indoors ‘helping’ the toddler feed the ducks yesterday. I thought the idea was for her to have a go, you know get to know the geese (they are a bit over friendly though), learn about feeding animals etc. Back in the real world though my ever competitive husband commandeered the bread and pretty much threw it all to the ducks ‘because they can’t reach it when no.1 daughter throws it and the gulls keep nicking it all’. Right. Of course. How silly of her. Good lord child you should be able to chuck in a good few metres at 2 years old…



  1. Hello! you don’t know what I would give just for one day, ONE only in an office without kids playing with my computer mouse(like right now for example) or the other trying to type when my hands are off the keyboard! But I also understand the feeling of wanting to be with your girls… Not easy, is it?
    Just replied to your message on Netmums :)

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