Working mum, tired mummy

I’m just about to leave the office and I find myself thinking “God I’m knackered.” Meetings, writing pitches, more meetings and of course the blogging which is clearly a mandatory in my job (who am I trying to kid) just leaves me drained. But I know when I walk through the door I’ll be met by “Mummeeeee” as the toddler bounds towards me and knocks me over and then I’ll say “Cuddle for Mummy?” and I’ll get a smile and ..

“No! Take coat off, take scarf off!”

She is trying to control me. How did that happen? I will naturally do what she says, but I still won’t get a cuddle. We actually entered into proper deal making yesterday night.

“I’ll get you your special blanket if I can have a cuddle” I got one.

“I’ll let you stick that banana in your hair if I can have a kiss” I got one. I also a very messy toddler.

Then we negotiate over baths. She absolutely HATES hair washing. She literally cowers behind her door when I mention it. She won’t get in the bath until I have given her the utmost assurance that hair washing is not on the agenda. But with half a banana in it she simply had to.

So this was the deal:

“If you let me wash your hair you can play with Mummy’s special bubbles?” (Jo Malone bubble bath – for a toddler – what is going on here?)

“Yes” with a very large frown but a look of mischief in her blue eyes.

At the end of the day, I’m tired. I wish I wasn’t. I wish I had the energy to be full of life and enthusiasm for her and the baby and be a proper disciplined sort of mum.

But I don’t so I do the first bit and that’s ok for us.



  1. You are a loving Mum and that is enough after a long day at work. I relate! Mich x

  2. I am knackered by the end of every single day. And I am not even working.

  3. MM – I think if I wasn’t working I’d be even more tired looking after the girls all day x

  4. You are one fab mummy and I know how hard it can be to juggle being a mum and a working mum as I have just set up my own baby and toddler business along with the help of my other half and finding it tiring!

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