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Number for bloggers anonymous anyone?

Jesus, I have become ADDICTED to this. Before December a tweet was a song from a bird, a blog was something for geeks and widgets were something Jack Dee talked about in an ad in the 80′s. Before December my husband and I talked in the evenings (well only when Eastenders wasn’t on, or when he wasn’t watching football, or come to think of it when I wasn’t doing the washing, catching up on work, sitting up with children, cleaning…oh bloody hell) ok we didn’t talk that much, but there was the illusion of it.

Now it seems I’m iphoned up, I’m tweeting, I’m blogging, I’m reading other blogs, I’m doing so much more other stuff. But it’s good, it’s great, I love it.

So I have managed to curb my ‘at home’ blogging (AHB) but my ‘at work blogging’ (AWB) is gaining more momentum. This could be a problem. I sort of need to work when I’m at work. Maybe I will blog on my journey to work (on the tube perhaps when I am closer to a random stranger than I am normally to my husband), or maybe not…

The point is I do actually love my job, I know I’m properly well and truely smug. But sometimes I can’t find motivation for some of things I have to do. I know my Dad is reading this now worrying intensely that now I will lose my job, don’t worry I am still doing my job, I’m just doing some other stuff too that is actually enhancing my ability to do said job (come on all communications is good in my gig). So Dad don’t worry.

Right so back to the point – number for bloggers anonymous anyone? Or a cure for twit-addiction? I just know that this is a stage I am going through and that other more seasoned and, let’s face it, far better bloggers than me have been through. Tell me it will pass..?



  1. It won’t pass. Not ever. Sometimes you’ll think it has passed, and you’ll leave, but you’ll come back. It’s best you know now. There are no support groups, no patches, no substitutes.

    It will never pass.

    But you’ll love it!
    Tina x

  2. I agree with The Woman Who Can! It won’t pass. Nor will you want it to underneath, cos you’d miss it like crazy if you ever let it pass. Does that make sense?!

    CJ xx

  3. When you find the number can you give it to me.
    Trish (my wife) thinks I’ve gone over the edge since rediscovering blogging and twitter.
    PS. Love your style of writing

  4. Afraid it doesn’t pass … its a slippery slope that just gets worse and worse as you find even more great blogs to read !

  5. Like the new background (it is new, isn’t it or am I losing my mind?!). I’m with you on the lack of spousal evening conversation – I think I’m going to do Wordless Wednesdays and designate Wednesday as a night to actually talk to Young Daddy…

  6. It.will.not.pass…
    Sorry to break it like this to you, but that’s an addiction for life… At times it gets better and at times you even think you are cured, but suddenly it creeps back in and before you know it, when the internet goes down you have panic attacks and you need lots of wine to help you breathe again…
    This is hell and paradise at the same time, enjoy!

  7. Well, I’m with them. I’d love to tell it will, but it won’t. If anything, it gets worse. Or better. Depending on your point of view. But like the true addict you’ll become, you’ll find ever-more-devious ways of doing it. I used to read a book in bed before I turned the light out. Now I tweet. Sad. But true!

  8. LOL at these replies.

    Do you know what I think we’ve formed our very own support group! Oh well if you can’t beat’em…now must get back to today’s post…

    Thanks all x

  9. By the way Young Mummy – yes it is a new background. You can get one using the button on the top left. Loads of them. Free!

  10. It WILL get worse :D Sorry haha x

  11. I’m in the same boat as you are – since I got my iPhone, blogging and tweeting at work has increased to a worrying degree!!

    If you do find a cure, please let me know!!

  12. Oh man, its great to hear I’m not the only one. As a newbie I was starting to get a bit worried about myself and the growing obsession.

    Not a great outlook though is it.

    But, heah, it’s good for the soul this ‘doing something for yourself’ business?!

  13. The second post I’ve read of yours today and both have made me smile. Really enjoying your blog so your addiction could in fact feed my addiction!

  14. I admire you – working almost full-time, blogging, tweeting while raising baby and toddler all at once! My husband has threatened more than once to drive over my PC due to my blogging addiction!

  15. LOL-my family has been complaining intensely since I started blogging 12 days ago. I blog everyday.

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