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The plastic c***p is taking over!

When you live in a small house there’s frankly only so much bright coloured Fisher Price crap you can live with. Until we move (sometime never) we need to thin all this out. For the toddler we bought:

2 x baby gyms
1 x hop n’ pop (pls shoot me if this ever gets brought out of the shed – the 90′s rave music took me to places I thought I’d long since escaped)
A bumbo (which of course the toddler now thinks is a potty)
A playmat (bigger than our front room)
About 200,000 red and yellow variations on the bus/car/ball/moving around thing theme
Some ‘oh aren’t they lovely and old fashioned’ but surprisingly lethal wooden toys (try getting one hurled at your left ear by a 12 month old baby).

So anyway, enough of that rubbish. The baby will be brought up in good Victorian fashion with nothing but the world around her and a few loo roll tubes for fun, we said. But somehow only about 40% of the plastic crap was consigned to the bin and the rest remained in our home.

So when I was tagged by the lovely (and talented interiors editor..) Young Mummy on a ‘my favourite object’ meme I had to think pretty damn hard. I have so few of my own objects still in my home, so squashed has the space become by the aforementioned plastic crap, and actually life has become about the girls, things have little meaning anymore (oh what a paragon of anti-materialism I am).

I thought about what I would really miss if it got broken. It’s this rather avuncular ‘Toby’ pot. My dad gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. I have very fond memories of it in our house when I was little. It’s part of my childhood; of happy days (always sunny) in the country at our cottage.

Coming home from bike rides or making camps in the woods, this was on the mantlepiece when my sisters and I went and sat in front of the fire and watched a black & white movie (no we’re not that old, but you must remember Saturday Cinema on telly?). It’s one of those things that my girls will get, that they’ll hopefully have fond memories of too. Assuming of course it survives the toddler years in tact which is a bit optimistic.

I guess that’s how objects aquire value; they are loved and cherished and then one day someone decides they’re rather special.

So there you go, in a sea of red & yellow plastic my favourite object is a green & white man. My favourite object meme is now being passed on to

Wives and Daughters
Metropolitan Mum
Muddling Along Mummy
Perfectly Happy Mum
London City Mum




  1. We’re also drowning in a sea of toys … had a clear out today and it doesn’t seem to have got any less – not sure how

  2. I have a few objects around the house that bring back strong memories of my grandparents’ place so I know what you mean about how objects can really evoke feelings and good times past.

    We are rapidly building up a large collection of plastic toys too (I chuck everything into seagrass baskets but there’s a limit to how many baskets my house can hold!). I love the look of wooden toys (they fit in much better with my decor, don’t you know) but not the price tag unfortunately…

  3. I cant bare to rid of any of Oli’s old toys , they are taking over the house.
    But Looking at the toys scattered across my feet, Oli has no wooden toys.. Just plastic c**p!

  4. OMG – I now have TWO memes to do… seriously falling behind. Must be all the toys I have been chucking out of the pram recently (last one 10 mins ago at work).

    Thank you!

    LCM x

  5. BTW, WV for comment above was ‘impologe’.

    Think that is what I am about to do.

  6. It’s always the sentiment which takes over. Your Toby jug is lovely.

    CJ xx

  7. There is sooooo much plastic crud that you acquire with kids isn’t there. If I had another baby now I’d make sure I avoided as much stuff as possible. What a great Toby Jug. So unusual too. I can see why you treasure it :)

    karen@therubbishdiet x

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