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Could this be goodbye to the muffin top?!

To the uninitiated the muffin top is the unsightly bulge above the belt that us ladies get. Having had 2 children in 18 months I had one to be proud of. It was almost a thing of beauty with its varying brushstrokes of red, silver and blue (ok stretchmarks but I’m a feminist which means they show the beautiful journey of my pregnancies, believe that and you’ll believe anything, they are HIDEOUS).

Anyway, since my insane fitness drive I have been reducing the bulge. My middle previously resembled a chocolate chip muffin and now it is more like a pint of foaming beer, the foam being the above the belt bit.

So if that hasn’t made you choke on your tea I’ll have to try harder next time…

Why was I telling you that? Well, because today I got into my pre-baby jeans! Hurrah! Joy unequalled, as any mother will know. That feeling of squeezing yourself into them as you lie flat on the floor, breath in and think of Elle McPherson is truly incredible.

And lucky too, since I got to work and was reminded of a rather grown up lunch I had to attend. The pre-baby jeans would never do. I needed smart, grown up clothes. As luck would have it lurking in the corner of my office was a purchase from Zara that I optimistically or perhaps stupidly made when I came back to work in November. WAY too small at the time, but you know what? It fit me! Double hurrah!

So now I’m off to eat some chocolate to celebrate!




  1. Congratulations! Like you say, there’s nothing like that feeling of satisfaction (and relief) when you fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. It’s also nice to know your fitness drive has paid off!

  2. Yes – quite insanely jealous, and hoping that I’m not too far behind you…

  3. Congratualations, this is indeed a milestone, well done. It is a great feeling isn’t it, makes you somehow feel yourself again and remind you that you are the same person, even if the said jeans end up with food/sick/snot on them!

  4. Yay, good for you. My weigh in day in Friday so fingers crossed.

  5. Ooooh congratulations ! Getting back into those jeans is a thing of wonder … I’m trying really hard to reclaim mine too and reduce my mummy tummy – I’ve had two in 19 months and things are not pretty

    My big issue is the HUGE breastfeeding boobs which do rather take over how I see my body – still I guess I’ll get there eventually and breastfeeding isn’t for ever

  6. Well done you! I am in smaller clothes than pre pregnancy but that is nothing to boast about as they are still huge!! lol Mich x

  7. Yay you! If only I could say the same. One day :) ….

  8. MZ: next to actually having the baby it could be one of the best feelings. Have a lovely skiing hols x

    HM: you are probably there already.

    ML: LOL, they are already covered in sick!

    MAM: The problem is when you stop you end up with 2 rinsed out teabags, or is that just me?

    VBIC: Good luck!

    Michelle: well smaller than pre-preg is a massive achievement no matter what size they are.

    Caz: You’ll get there..!

  9. Well done you! Every twin book I read before having the babies said that twin mums often end up smaller than pre-pregnancy but I am living proof that there is always an exception! Maybe when they start crawling/walking and I’m running around after them all day?!

  10. P.S. Talking about muffins has made me hungry. I’m off to make some brownies… ;-)

  11. YM, running around after toddlers DEFINATELY helps shift it. Also you can’t snack as they just want to eat everything you eat. Go on make brownies – can I have one?:)

  12. Congratulations!!!!!! You’ve made the jump back to being a Yummy Mummy!!!!! Nothing feels quite as good as slinking around in your skinny jeans. *In my case this is a relative term, being more curvy even when I’m at my fit weight.*

    Time to go shopping!!!

  13. Lori, not quite that yummy but working on it! Definately shopping this weekend

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