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I’m being followed by malt loaf (and other observations on Twitter)

So Twitter, it seems, is not just for twits as a very good friend told me. Or if it is then I am thoroughly enjoying being one.

I have observed these things:

140 character conversations with other mummies are good as this is about all you normally manage when you have a toddler tearing around in real life anyway.

Proper conversations are just so BC (before kids; I refer you to this post)

You can eavesdrop legitimately.

And butt in. Just waltz right on in to someone elses conversation. How rude is that.

You can ask useful questions and get useful (and some weird) answers.

I’ve noticed there’s a great deal of cameraderie with the mummies (oh and a couple of dads too who seem to be rather good cooks. Is that a man thing)

There’s flirting, or twirting I guess (between others, not me, oh no, I’ve never been any good at that).

You can post your blog (but only if it’s a reasonably decent post, or you might get that visitor who thinks, well bugger this for a game of soldiers, this blog’s crap, not going back there).

It’s a good distraction from all the totally BANAL TRASH on grown up TV. What ever happened to Cracker and Prime Suspect (but that’s a post for another day). I know I should be doing something more improving or creative, but after a long day I want distractions.

The downside is you get some weird ‘followers’ (sounds a bit like disciples, which is strange), today I got followed by Soreen Malt Loaf. That’s just plain silly really.

So there you go. Observations on Twitter from a convert.

Now must be off and call a ‘real’ friend.


ps: I will be writing a piece for the writing workshop soon, so please do look at my other site occasionally (in a non desparate but I’d like the validation sort of way).



  1. I’ve been followed by a malt loaf too ! Guess they love Mummies (well I love malt loaf)

    Could be worse, I got onto Twitter to follow a dog for charity !

  2. Still trying to get to grips with twitter but have to admit to loving it.
    I’m sure my real life friends think there’s something wrong with me, what with twitter, blogging and FB. It’s nice to have the distraction from real life though don’t you think? Not that I don’t love my real life, I just like to escape from time to time.

    Beki x

  3. I love malt loaf too and so does the toddler (she calls it chocolate cake for some reason)!

    Beki my friends think I’m a bit weird too, but I agree it’s good to escape sometimes.x

  4. Uh oh, be careful before you know it you’ll become addicted! The think I love about Twitter is you can talk to anyone. Chew the fat with them, talk politics (OK not the politics one, but you could in theory!)

  5. Yes I’ve been followed by a malt loaf too! Made my day actually. I love love love Twitter, and if anyone’s trying to tweet without tweetdeck for gawd’s sake download it now, it’ll revolutionise your tweeting life. Highlight for me has been the response to one of my tweets from Jonathan Ross (@wossy). Yes I know I’ve mentioned this before. Yes I am excited. Still.

  6. I so want some Malt loaf now. Wonder if I can get an emergency parcel of the stuff sent out….

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