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Why Bonnie still rocks my world

I have been tagged by the lovely Mummy Unlimited on a favourite song meme. I need to choose a song that has a special memory attached (rather than just my favourite song). I clarify this because this song is certainly not my favourite, I am a child of the 80′s but mostly that’s where my love of it ends; I have not joined the 80′s revival, and will never ever backcomb my hair. Again.

However this song, makes me laugh for the memory it brings back. It’s Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

(I can’t figure out how to import the video, so click here for a link to You Tube)

So in a galaxy far far away, before children, when a night out meant stumbling home at 6am and a weekend away meant hopping on a plane to New York or Paris, sleep was not my most precious commodity, and I lived a carefree, responsibility free life, I had a very good friend called Jonathan. Actually he’s still a very good friend, he is in fact the toddler’s godfather. We are each other’s VBFITWWWs (very best friend in the whole wide world). All a bit high school, but that’s how we roll.

One rainy summer’s day we decided that we needed some sun. Where would we get that? Why Singapore of course! As it happened we each had a friend out there, Qatar Airways were doing an amazing deal on business class, and we figured we could do a 4 day trip there no problem. At this time we also worked together, spent most of our time together and stalked the pubs and clubs of London together. So a 15 hour flight with 5 hours in Qatar would be fine too.

We seemed, inexplicably to be going through some sort of Bonnie Tyler appreciation phase at this point in our friendship. Once ensconced in our recliner seats, champagne in hand, ‘sleepwear’ on, in flight entertainment system on, we started the full on ‘competition winner’ behaviour we all know and love (you know the type on the plane, v overexcited, getting drunk on the free booze, yep that was us).

Flicking through the music video options we came across the goddess herself. There was Bonnie. The fantastically 80′s theatrical video to Total Eclipse of the Heart was coming at us in all it’s big haired glory.

So we did what any self respecting Bonnie fans would do. With headphones on we started to sing along, complete with actions, theatrical gestures and much air guitaring. We were lost in the ecstasy of 80′s soft rock. In business class. With proper grown up business people. Who were definately not getting the Bonnie vibe.

I caught the eye of a fellow passenger, smiling broadly in between bursts of ‘Turn around…’ and he was, to my surprise, not enjoying it quite so much. Strange.

The song finished, earphones came off, lots of giggles from us, lots of tuts from fellow passengers thinking to themselves ” bloody typical, I pay a fortune for business class and I get these two losers for the whole journey”. And I’m ashamed but also strangely proud to say the competition winner behaviour continued for the full 15 hours. It continued in Singapore and it continued on the way home. And that song will always remind me of it. A wonderful break with my VBFITWWW when I was truely footloose and fancy free.

So if anyone travelled to Singapore in the summer of 2005 on Qatar Airways, then I apologise if you got Bonnie sung at you by two highly irritating-but-think-they-are-funny drunks.

In the spirit of the meme, I am passing this on to 2 bloggers who’s song memories I’d like to here Metropolitan Mum and Brongah at Absolute Alchemy (great name for a blog don’t you think?).

PS: I am reminding myself of this happy time, as we continue the excrutiating saga of our house sale. Our buyer (remember him?) is getting his 25th survey done on, having the floor excavated for signs of a pre-historic beetle colony and holding a seance to guard off evil spirits. He’s a pedantic, little shit who is wasting our time. We are holding it together, and amazingly the house we want is still available, but I need cheering up. So Bonnie came to my rescue as she always does.



  1. I love the line “living in a powder keg and giving off sparks”. Dunno why, just tickles me

  2. I think Bonnie rules too – I have the album somewhere!

  3. lol, great post. Oh to be free to jet off to Singapore again! one day…. I am sitting here listeing to 80s tunes on the Tv and it is Sinita and ‘So Macho’ – oh dear!

  4. Oh yes, I remember the husky voice of Bonnie and that song, great song. What a pain in the arse this house is causing you. People are so stupid aren’t they.

    CJ xx

  5. Oh, this is such a brilliant story! And I can identify with the excitement of flying business class – when I went to Perth, we flew business class and it was just FAB.U.LOUS!!!

    Thanks for passing it on – shall now put on my thinking cap as I have WAY too many favoutite songs!!!

  6. Brilliant, you can always rely on Bonnie! Can just imagine the passengers faces, I’ll bet the staff enjoyed a break from the usual boring suity types though. Why is it that in such carefree days lack of sleep seemed to be no problem at all and now it is dreadful.

  7. That’s a super story, and I’m quite a fan (or was) of Bonnie personally… but I’m damn glad I wasn’t on that flight!!

  8. Haha. The song is a classic. In my kitchen, Barbara Streisand is singing at the moment. See, I am known for my great taste in music. *coughs*

    Thanks for the tag!!

  9. OMG that song reminds me of being a kid. Hilarious. And wow, how col to just fly off somewhere, I bet you have a ton of brilliant memories.

  10. Or how ‘cool’. :D

  11. Oh yes, I love Bonnie too. This song is my and my best friend’s karaoke song of choice. Not that we do karaoke that much, of course…

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