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This could be the last post….

There are many things that my daughter copies.  She has to put ‘cweeem’ on her face in the morning (I cunningly sub my moisturiser for her diprobase after the doc told me off for letting her use my creams), she has to use an old blusher brush to “put her make up on” with me, she’s seen me on the loo enough times to work out how to pull up her knickers (there’s no privacy is there?).  But the most unnerving thing is that she copies what I say.

Now this is something I recall from Before Children.  Being told off or given a ‘look’ for swearing in front of children, which on reflection was pretty poor of me. 

We are careful not to swear, but sometimes you have to replace that urge with other things, my current favourite is ‘Oh for goodness sake!’.  Inocuous really.

But tonight after her bath, when the toddler had smothered herself in “cweem” complete with 2 even spots on her cheeks (bless),  I managed to get some of said cream on the carpet, she said:

“For gooness sake Mummy!  Clean up!”

That told me.

On another sort of related note, when the kids were in bed my husband brought me a glass of wine, sat down beside me, started to stroke my neck (stay with me) and said:

“So did you have a nice life?”

What the f***k??



  1. We have noticed the copying thing too – I blogged about it “Choose your words carefully” and as you say, it’s not just what you say, it’s also what you do. I particularly notice it when other people are around and she copies them.

    As for the other thing..I am waiting to here the rest of the story – what a cliff hanger…

  2. cweem, what a lovely word. Now, do as you’re told.

    CJ xx

  3. Its not just that they copy us, its that they get the tone of voice and use it in an appropriate situation too that makes me laugh. I hope you hopped to it and did as you were told, in the hopes she might copy that too!! Eh, are you going to leave us hanging on the ‘nice life’ thing??Jen

  4. You are so right, my girls have just started with hand cweem and also have their own little make up brushes…. and as for copying words and tones – oh dear! I can not remember what Miss M did yesterday but Miss E was saying to her over and over with her hands on her hips ‘that is custing behaviour Miss M’ (read discusting!). lol Mich x

  5. My friend’s daughter used a phrase on her Dad last week that is frequently used on here when she is ignoring her mum. ‘Am I talking swahili?’

  6. “Cweem” – that’s just adorable!

    And I agree with The Moiderer – you cannot leave us on that cliffhanger!

  7. That brought tears to my eyes. That’s so funny. Good to see that you are still alive though.

  8. I laughed so hard at this my hubby asked our baby if ‘mommy’s lost the plot’? Lol… so well written!

  9. Meant to say stopping by from Britishmommybloggers

  10. Following from MBC- can’t wait to read more!

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