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Me. Published? You better believe it!

I am absurdly proud today, albeit in a modest sort of way. I have had an article published on Powder Room Graffiti.

If you are a working mum, who daily navigates the landscape of guilt, exhaustion, fun and fear then do nip over and have a read. You never know it might strike a chord.

Also if you haven’t yet discovered this wonderful website, then take some time to have a wander around. It’s packed full of lively, witty articles (and that’s just mine, ahem) about life, love, the universe and all that’s in it. A good way to while away a 5 minute break with a coffee (because clearly if you manage to get one of those you’ll have nothing better to do, yeah right).




  1. Well done:) Still lol at your last paragraph so not surprised they published you, you really are very witty and I always smile or laugh reading your posts:) Jen.

  2. Great post and love that site – thanks for pointing us in that direction x

  3. oh congratulations! WoopWoop! how cool is that!

  4. Yay. Well done you! Great article.

  5. Absolutely brilliant; so much deserved of being published. I particularly like the sentence where you say about roles in the home, men were useless! Had to laugh about that one.

    Really impressive, well done.
    CJ xx

  6. Well done you – now onder you’re pleased with yourself ;-)

  7. Woo hoo, published!! :-)

  8. Fantastic article – enjoyed reading it. Well done you!!

  9. Well done… and I’ll have a read later xx

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