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I have an idea! (Would love your thoughts..)

Lately, well since I got my iphone (which as you know I am marginally obsessed with), I have been taking quite a bit of film.  Just little clips of my girls, family life, things I see that I find interesting, beautiful, enchanting, funny. 

To date I haven’t used much on my blog, but I plan to and that put a thought in my head.

So my question is: how about a little film club?

We could all post a bit of film on our blogs using a theme that I would supply each week (note use of ‘little’ not edited, polished, Scorcese wannabe – mind you that would be good if you were so inclined), and then link them all up.

We could alternate who’d host the link-up, making it a nice way of sharing some links too.

There was recently a brilliant Vlog competition at NotesfromLapland and CafeBebe that Young&Younger won with her excellent Big Brother vlog. 

Vlogs would be great, but also just a few seconds of spontaneous film or old stuff you have already. The point is its just fun, and shouldn’t be loads of work.  A quick glance at life in moving pictures. 

For example if the theme was say Speed you might film a child on a swing in the playground, the wind in their hair and thrill in their eyes, or you might film the cat chasing a toy, or your dog with a stick running at you in the park.  Anything really, the point is it’s a memory for you and it’s a glimpse at life for others.

Anyway just a thought, let me know in a comment if you’d be up for it and I’ll put some more thought into it.

Cheers x


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