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Sorry darling, you should have said!

You know I’ve had a fair few problems with my toddler lately, bedtime battles, tantrums over, well, pretty much everything.  Just a perpetual stream of ‘challenges’ that I’ve just put down to toddlerdom and tried not to think about too much.

But inevitably it’s got to me, made me feel sad and defeated.

Well yesterday whilst she was laughing (she has really perked up actually, we had a lot of fun) I noticed the biggest bloody molar half emerged in her little jaw.  Pushing up behind the other two, proudly showing itself off.

I am ever so slightly obsessed with teeth.  I have pretty awful teeth (put it this way, my mouth would be extremely expensive to replace after all the work I’ve had done).  Currently I have a jaw infection, meaning I can’t really open my mouth all that wide, which is a blessed relief in some quarters, but to me it’s bloody painful.

So imagine if my little girl has been in pain, and I’ve just been writing her off as a terrible 2 year old?  I mean for once I haven’t just reached for the Calpol with every tear because I sort of know she’s been testing me.  It’s what they do after all.  She’s two and a half.

I’m pretty certain this is not the first time I’ll feel the ‘oh-shit-you-were-actually-feeling-ill-not-just-attention-seeking’ remorse, but you know, I still feel feel pretty bad.

So just the other side to go, then we’re out of those particular woods for a few weeks…

By the way, if you haven’t looked at this idea please do, and tell me if you’d be up for it.



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