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Dig for victory!

I was asked if I’d like to do a sponsored post lately.  Well, maybe, I said, if the subject was one I would naturally write about.  It was gardening.  I love it.

It so happens that this weekend I was hoping to get my Toddler’s hands muddy by showing her the joy that can be gardening.

I say can be, as frankly gardening in our old patch of land was just arduous.  The soil was so clay-y and the Japanese Knotweed so pervasive that getting anything to grow was nigh on a miracle.  It wasn’t exactly the type of place you’d plant a few vegetables. They had a very slim chance of survival when you factored in the random cats of the South London massive, the foxes, the snails and of course the bindweed.

But, here in Grownupsville, we have a house that came with a lovely garden.  How grown up is that?  So as is traditional Easter weekend was the start of the gardening (maybe that’s just traditional in my family come to think of it).

My Dad came over, and my mother in law was down (as my Twitter friends can attest…).  I got them working.  Well you don’t eat for free in my house.

Actually I fancy myself as Charlie Dimmock (without the pendulous boobs, hair and actually anything about her atall) but  I’m a novice.  I had to ask my Dad how to grow vegetables.  Having been doing this for as long as I can remember he kindly offered to help (my cunning plan worked…).

Then my mother in law clearly felt like she should get involved, so we were all having a go.

We planted:  radishes, carrots, sweetcorn, broad beans, onions, potatoes and a little plant of rosemary, oh and brocolli.

I give it all about a week.  But to be fair we will lovingly water and nurture them all.  I would love to eat vegetables we had grown.  And I’d love the girls to experience that too, the way I did when I was little.  Nothing beats it (gastronomically speaking).

So the first gardening expedition was a success.  Well I guess we’ll truly know that in a few weeks.  But it was fun. We all enjoyed ourselves, my Dad is 71 and he was possibly the last one to give up digging!  Not bad for someone who’s just finished radiotherapy.

We had alot of fun together and the Toddler was very excited.  Using her ‘rocket’ which is her fork, not sure where that name came from.  She was also very keen to keep watering.

But I did have to educate her on what were weeds and what were, actually, flowers…

So a lovely day was had by all, but blimey we were knackered at the end of it.

Actually perhaps this post should have been sponsored by Nikon & Iphone since I’ve used an uncharacteristic amount of pictures.

Check here tomorrow as I’ll be posting the prompts for next week’s Little Film Club.

If you feel like it, you might fancy nominating me in the Mads?  But clearly I’ll love you anyway for having the good grace to keep on reading me.

This is a sponsored post.


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