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I have made a decision

Well for today anyway.  Anyone who knows me well knows I’m pretty rubbish at sticking to my grand gestures.   But today is the end of the ‘holiday’.  And to be COMPLETELY honest and slightly ashamed I’m actually sort of, a little bit, relieved.  I admit it.

I have LOVED spending so much time with my children, but my Toddler’s been on high maintenance Mummy Cling-on mode since Thursday night really (as ever I blame myself for my pain in the arse work schedule).

Then when you add in the Mother in law quota, a flu-ey like feeling, a cold coming on and aching limbs (most probably as a result of the gardening actually, but hey it’s still a symptom so I’m claiming it), frankly I need a break.  At my desk.  With a large milky coffee and a KitKat.

So today I said to Mr Mummyslife:

I’m just a tiny bit looking forward to work tomorrow actually” (I had just had a spoon full of pickle lobbed at me by a disgruntled toddler who wanted ‘Stinch’ – no we couldn’t work that one out either much to her irritation)

Just a tiny bit? Bloody hell, that’s an understatement” (wow he feels it too!)

Is that really awful?

Not at all, and actually you have the best of both worlds don’t you.  When you’re fed up with work you get to be with the girls and when they’ve exhausted you you get to go back to work

Now any other day of my life this would have provoked a Kill Bill style jumping on the table walking over to him and cutting his head off, but today I felt like maybe he has a point.

So I decided to look at it that way.  It’s not so bad really.  I guess the grass will always be greener.  But actually I do get both worlds.  Sometimes they work well together, sometimes they collide horribly.  But it’s okay.

Clearly I will eat my words as this week I’ll be in Paris again and next week is crammed full of fun too.  I will miss my children, I will hate work for making me miss them, I will try and pull myself together.

But for now, as I submerge under the duvet and try and beat this cold before it really takes hold, I’m happy.  The scales are balancing.

Must go, the Toddler’s having a bad dream, she’s making some rather odd noises…..



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