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Hitting the bottle. Help needed!

Ok, that was a bit of a play on words to get you here. You see I do, actually, need some help.

My Toddler is hitting the bottle big time at the moment.  Having been fairly close to giving it up before bed and in the mornings, her routine got buggered about by moving, and my work schedule and oh god knows what else.  Who actually knows what goes on in the mind of the 2 year old?  The point is she still has a bottle at night.  (For those who have recoiled in horror at this lack of good parenting, bear with me).

Whereas before it was whilst watching wind down telly.  Afterwards she’d hop up to bed, have a couple of stories, then cuddle rabbit, bunny and Reggie and roll over (ok there are various other things she has demanded see here and here), but it was all going well.

Now after countless nights of trying to do controlled crying, some success, then some massive backward steps the only real solution seemed to be to let her have a small bottle of milk during her story.  I’d take it away before she went to sleep.  This seemed to quell the hysteria and allow us all a peaceful bedtime. (Bad habits always come from good intention don’t they?).

But I’m aware this is not my finest hour.  I’m setting up a bad habit and she’s heading toward tooth decay. 

If anyone has had this problem and has successfully taken away the bottle, then how the heck did you do it?

Or if anyone has had this problem and their kids’ teeth are okay, then wow I might just love you forever, if you tell me.

In other news, I was in Paris today. 

Really goddamn early. 

As I approached the xray machine at St Pancras, in front of me was a lady with a toddler and a baby strapped to her front in a sling. Ah I thought, and had a pang for my girls.

I smiled at her, she smiled back.  We went back to whatever we were thinking about at 5am.

As the lady arrived at the xray machine she put her bag on it and was just about to walk through when the man asked her to put her coat on it. Her coat was so obscured by the baby-carrier you could hardly see it. I could only imagine how the poor lady felt.

Toddler already running amok with the xray machine, teeny tiny baby strapped to her chest. Now she had to remove the baby whilst simultaneously capturing her toddler and putting everything (baby too no doubt, jobsworth behaviour knows no bounds) on the conveyor belt. Hmm who did that remind me of?

So I offered to help her (actually I was secretly hoping to hold her tiny baby for her, but naturally she was not going to give her baby to a complete stranger) so I helped her remove her coat, redo the straps on the sling, put it on the belt and then do it all again the other side.

It does feel good to do something decent doesn’t it?

So anyway, help needed.  Answers on a postcard (or in a comment might be more immediate help actually..).



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