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Sunshine is good for the soul & Little Film Club prompts

Happy Monday all!

My what a beautiful weekend we had. For a couple of days there we were in Summer. It was glorious wasn’t it? Him indoors was even moved to mow the lawn (but only because the Masters coverage didn’t start till the evening). The smell of a freshly mown lawn is such an evocative scent. That and the wood pigeons coo-ing in the trees, transported me back to summer evenings as a child at our cottage in West Sussex. (that’s me in the picture).

My sisters and I, and normally a cousin or two over the summer holidays, would be playing in the fields next to our cottage in our pyjamas while the sun went down. I always remember that feeling of the dew starting to emerge and the mosquitoes starting to spring to life.

For someone who spends most of winter trying not to let it get her down, the onset of Spring/Summer, no matter how brief, gives me real hope and warms my soul.

All this wonderful weather prompted several happy posts about sunny days.

So the first prompt, inspired by many but The Moiderer and The Madhouse in particular is simply:

Sunshine. (Now clearly it may be miserable this week, so if you don’t have a video from this weekend you want to use, think about what else Sunshine means to you – a smiling face, laughter, something that makes you feel happy. As usual very loose interpretation.)

Friends: yours or your children’s, playing, chatting, laughing, whatever. Inspired by Jen and her lovely post about her son making friends.

Consideration: inspired by GeekyMummy’s post about ‘doing it over’, a lovely example of kids showing consideration for each other.

I hope there’s some inspiration there, just for fun, nothing award winning (unless you want to). The ‘rules’ can be found here.

For me one of the best parts about this is having the motivation to make the little films. It’s become a bit of a new hobby for me. Ironic really since my husband is actually a camera man/editor/producer. He has offered to ‘help’ me but I am enjoying doing it myself too much.

I like the idea of actually doing something with all the video I take. Rather than letting it languish on the camera or phone.

Anyway, have a go. The link will be up on Friday to Monday.


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