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The Bedtime Routine

“Come on darling up the stairs, time for a Fireman Sam story”

Toddler is stalling on the bottom step.  Gone all floppy and not wanting to go upstairs.

“No Mummy not yet”

“Yes you have to go up the stairs or the botty snapper will get you”  (this was inherited from my childhood, I realise it doesn’t translate well to the written word).

“No Mummy not botty snapper.  He gone on holiday to beachside” Beachside?

Then we had more stalling in bed.

“Right that’s your last story, now bedtime” She’d had about 4 Fireman Sam stories and there’s only so much bad Welsh accent I can do.

“No Mummy, pleeeeeease!  Bob Builder storeeeeee!” What about princesses and girly things?

Oh Lord “Okay, LAST story, then bed”

So I started reading it very very fast and really rather loudly (I was desperate for a glass of wine).

“Mummy calm down, stop being so loud!”

Ah well..at least it’s sinking in I guess.


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