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Homegrown radishy goodness

Remember a while ago I wrote about how to grow vegetables?  It was a sponsored post but this one isn’t, I am just a bit over-excited as today we had our first taste.

We had a lovely day with some friends we haven’t seen for ages, they have a little girl the Toddler’s age and a little boy about 3 months older than the baby.  BBQ then we retreated indoors after my friend had politely asked for a jumper for herself, then her toddler.  On balance it’s probably best not to freeze people that travel out to Grownupsville to see you.

Anyway the day passed with lots of fun, catching up and toddler’s fighting over push chairs, then realising they were friends and ‘chatting’ in the way that only toddlers can.

Just before bathtime we went into the garden, since the sun had decided to set beautifully, and I noticed a pink bulge beneath the green leaves of one of the radishes we planted.


Let’s try our first homegrown radish!

I took some pictures as my Toddler’s face tells the story better than I can.

What’s this?
 Oh I can EAT it!
 Er maybe not Mummy…
 Here Mummy you have it!
Maybe it was because she planted it, maybe it was because we have loved and nurtured (well watered) them, but it tasted DIVINE.  Actually I love really peppery radishes and these were perfect. 
So in a few weeks I’m hoping to try the onions, broad beans, brocolli and potatoes, although him indoors tells me I haven’t done the potatoes properly as I didn’t keep filling in the compost, but if I get one I’ll be ecstatic. 
By the way if anyone knows what is actually going on with our weather, please tell me.  

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