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Trimming the bush

No, not that one.  Honestly what do you take me for?  I share alot here, but that’s too much.

I am very proud of my hedge today.  With the help of my rather green fingered toddler and the direction of my very supervisory baby, we trimmed the hedge in the garden.  The toddler kept exclaiming ‘What’s all this mess?” with every slice of the shears and quickly swept it up with her broom, while the baby ably pointed to the next bit that needed attention.

Together we made a great team.  Garden SOS here we come.  I ended up with a rather unpleasant looking rash from the leaves, but that didn’t stop me, oh no.  I then went on to tackle the nettles.  Up until about 4 hours ago I was fairly sure nettles only really stung you when you’re under 18 years old.  Not true.  They really bloody sting at 36.  I found some doc leaves, which unsurprisingly did bugger all to quell the pain (they never did did they, it was always country folklore bollocks), so battled on valiantly until the bush was trimmed and the nettles banished (for now at least).

This gardening sojourn was a rather nice end to a lovely day.  We went up to visit the toddler’s godmother, my oldest and dearest friend Lucy and her little girl this morning.  Lucy and I actually managed to catch up and have a pretty good conversation in between requests from small people.  But that’s the best thing about really really good friends.  You can catch up in seconds and then just get on to the more important things like whether Kylie had a half face lift or if we really believe it’s down to Ponds (you can guess where we came out on that one). 

I also learnt that this blog is a rather good way for Lucy to keep up with our lives.  So even though we’ve moved to deepest darkest Surrey, we don’t feel too far away.  I have to say my biggest sacrifice in leaving London was moving further away from her.  I do miss not being able to nip over on a Saturday morning when my husband’s at football, to bitch about the fact that my husband’s at football.

But you make the effort for friendship don’t you, which is why a little distance won’t make a difference ultimately.

Sorry about the title of the post, just couldn’t resist somehow….


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