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Old times

We sat in a little local village pub, eating normal, un-gastro pub food, drinking pub wine (me), a variety of ales (him), giggling about things I can’t really remember now.  Just like old times.

The band came on, playing to about 20 people, ‘Diamond Geezers’ were great, cheeky lyrics and rousing beats.

It was the best night out my husband and I have had in a very long time.  My wonderful mother in law and sister in law (who is equally wonderful) came to stay.  They banished us from the house in the afternoon, to go and buy presents for the baby’s 1st birthday (tomorrow!!), then again once the children were in bed, we were told to ‘go out and forget we were parents for a couple of hours’.

As you’ll know this is almost impossible, but what is possible is to have a thoroughly good night, spending very little money, in a local pub with live music and and good company.

We laughed about the toddler’s need to have us sitting ‘on bath’ while she’s doing a poo, the baby’s excitement as she learnt how to sit up from lying on her tummy and the fact the cat’s practically disappeared due to the arrival of Jack Russell (Grandma’s dog).

We can’t forget we’re parents and we wouldn’t want to.   But we can laugh about the good parts, the emerging personalities of our children are endlessly funny to us and we can remember why we are together.  

A flashback to old times is important once in a while.  It’s restorative and rejuvenating.

Do it, it’s good for the soul.



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