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The magic fairy wood

We walked along the lane that leads to a gated road.  Halfway up there’s a path that leads down through the woods to the lake.  It’s beautiful and we made our first visit today.

The baby asleep in the push chair while the toddler walked along wearing her apron (we’d just left the cakes to cool down in preparation for decorating for the birthday party tomorrow), and her new pride and joy, her Peppa umbrella.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon.   Glad to see she’s caught on to the British obsession of being prepared for rain.

Getting the toddler to leave the cakes to cool took some distraction so we had this sort of conversation:

“Come on let’s go on a lovely walk while the cakes cool”

“No Mummy, don’t want to go on lovely walk, want to dec-rate cakes!”

“But Tilly and I are going to visit the magic fairy wood, where there’s a magical lake and everything” Having never visited said wood before I was taking a bit of gamble, but had driven past the opening before and reckoned there was definately a lake down there, and surely all lakes are magic right?  So it stands to reason there’d be fairies.

“Will we see magic fairies mummy?”

“Oh yes, lots” then quickly realising this was a very literal 2 year old amended my answer slightly “Although we have to very quiet because fairies get a bit scared of humans, so they might hide, but they are definately there”

“Ok Mummy”

So that’s how we found ourselves by the ‘magic’ lake.  We saw a duck with her ducklings, which was pretty magical.  We saw lily pads (“where frogs live Mummy!”).  We saw some furry stuff on a branch of a tree which was quite clearly the fairies’ coat fur, left behind when they flew up to the trees in a hurry.  The toddler wanted me to climb the actual tree with her to find the fairies, but I managed to convince her this wasn’t a good idea because fairies aren’t keen on invasion of personal space.

It’s a shame the baby slept the whole way, she just loves looking at new things and a magical wood would have been perfect for her.   She is quite captivated by the clouds in the sky so the ducklings on the lake would have been incredible to her.  

I can’t quite believe she’s one tomorrow.  I think this time last year I was going to sleep praying yet again for this to be the night, I was just so sick of being big and fat and pregnant by that point.   And at about midnight there was no doubt about it, it most definately was!  After waiting for 9 days after her due date she literally popped out in 3 hours.   Whereas Eliza came out screaming after a hideous, traumatic wrenching with a pair of forceps, she fed immediately like she’d been starved for 9 months and terrified the very life out of me.

Tilly was calm and quiet and serene.  Yes serene is a good adjective for her.  She wasn’t really interested in feeding for a while.  We were both rather shocked that it was all so peaceful.  But she looked at me, like she’d absolutely seen me before, she had a bit of a feed then slept for ages.  May 31st was a beautiful hot sunny day.  I just remember feeling so happy that she was here.  No drama.

I did feel that I was betraying Eliza though.  An odd feeling.  Like I was, and this sounds so weird, cheating on her in some way.  At 18 months she was too young to really understand what was happening despite our best efforts to explain.  But I just felt so awful that she’d have to share me now.  It took me some time to bond with Eliza and I felt guilty that it was so instant with Tilly.  Silly really.

We muddled along those first few weeks and months of sleepless nights and conflicting emotions and now we are very definately a family of four.  All settled in to each other.

Anyway before I get too sentimental here’s my lovely girl, sitting by the lake wearing her apron, of course.

And here’s my lovely baby, asleep.



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