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The Birthday Blog

Hello all, sorry for short absence, I was recovering from a rather wonderfully hectic weekend.  All to celebrate my beautiful baby’s birthday.  I can’t quite believe she’s one.  She’s not really, strictly speaking a baby anymore, but since she’s not walking yet I’m going to continue calling her that.

The toddler was very excited because Aunty Zebra (Deborah to you and me) and Grandma came to visit at the weekend.

On Monday, all my side of the family came over for the birthday party.  Frankly we didn’t get the weather we’d ordered but we put up with no rain and a bit of a chill.  Strangely though it brightened up by the time the bbq had offered up its delights.

The cakes were consumed.  The toddler and I had to make 2 since the first one we forgot the baking powder so was more of a stodgy biscuit and actually the second wasn’t much better.  But I do find that covering everything in lashings of double cream and raspberries whipped up in the mixer does the trick.

I hadn’t seen my stepfather and his lovely family for ages.  I remember so clearly the days his oldest two were born and to see them as grown up teenagers (with impeccable manners I might add) never fails to amaze me.  Clearly I am becoming old.  I am thinking ‘my haven’t you grown’.  But what with Facebook and all that, I find myself knowing a bit more about their lives now than I used to so don’t feel that the gap in seeing them has been too long.

He has four more children but only two could come; his little girl who’s about 4, she is beautiful and delightful, no other word to describe her really, just a perfect little girl – sugar and spice.  Then there’s his other daughter, equally lovely and together with my oldest niece, the perfect ‘nannies’ for all the younger children.

My stepfather and his wife have a wonderful ‘blended’ family (I believe that’s what they’re called nowadays).  I’m very happy for him because after my mum died he was a young man with no children (apart from us lot) and a heavy load of grief.  But his wife is gorgeous, supportive and kind.  She has always been very understanding of his relationship with me as the daughter of his first wife.  I love that when I visit there are pictures of Mummy in the house.  He certainly found a wonderful soul mate in her.  He has created this great big rambling, loving family, and the fact that I can still be some small part of it is really special to me.

My two sisters came up as well.  The toddler hero worships the older children, specially her male cousins who are 7.  Sadly one of them was ill, so the other got the toddler on full throttle all afternoon, unsurprisingly he took refuge in front of the telly at about 4ish!

Watching my 2 little nieces who are around 4ish (not great with ages, can you tell?) who seem so grown up to me, made me realise just how quickly time flies, and toddlers do grow up.  Makes me sad, happy and relieved all at the same time.

My oldest sister said that it was great ‘there was a family base everyone could meet up at now’, since we’ve moved here. That makes me indescribably happy.  It’s all I wanted really.  A house where all the family could come and hang out together.  Just like my childhood with aunts, cousins and grandparents.

It really was a special day.  The baby was delighted to have so much attention and I felt so incredibly proud of her.  It’s always amazing when you think back to the birth and when they were just so small and new, to then see them a year on.  Proper little people, smiling, laughing and trying to communicate.  The toddler had SO much fun with her cousins that she zonked out on the sofa at 6pm.  I put her straight to bed in her clothes, she slept through till 6.30 the following morning, must have been EXHAUSTED!

I hope we’ll have many many more days like that.  I love it.  The beautiful chaos of an extended family.  So here’s a great big thank you to my amazing family, just for being them.  (Love a bit of sentimentality of a Wednesday afternoon.)

By the way, the picture is of my sister, my baby and toddler and a variety of the other children.




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