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The Mads post (and how to wash a toddler’s hair).

OK, this was inevitable really wasn’t it.  Voting closes on Sunday, so clearly I’m putting in a last ditch attempt to gain your vote in The Mads for Best Looking Blog.   I don’t feel too bad about shameless canvassing since I didn’t actually create the illustration on my header or put together the template background, that was courtesy of people far more talented than myself.  So in effect you are voting for them really.  Adina Cousneac and Liz at Violet Posey (who is also nominated in this category, and actually I’d probably vote for her to be fair).

Anyway why your vote counts:

1.  I love my blog, it’s become my refuge, my outlet, my special place for all the nonsense in my head.  For it to be recognised with this award would mean an awful lot to it.  It has to put up with me on a daily basis and him indoors will attest that that is no mean feat.

2.  One day my daughters will read this blog and they might not think I was such a total loser if it actually won something as cool as a Mad award.

3.  Erm…no that’s it. 

Just by way of an interlude to this embarrasment of self-agrandisement, him indoors and I were bathing the girls earlier, when I told the toddler she had to have a hair wash.  Naturally this was met with a whole heap of resistance.  Of course it was.  I tried the ‘you can have a special treat if you let Mummy wash your hair’, I tried ‘it will only take a few seconds, by the time you’ve sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ all to no avail.

Then suddenly him indoors pipes up:

“If you let Mummy wash your hair Daddy will give you some chocolate buttons!”

A winner, clearly.  I’ve never seen her throw her head back so quickly.  She even laughed as I drenched her head.  Bear in mind this is the man who throws me a disapproving look when I bribe her with raisins to get her in the bloody car!  He had them all day today, clearly the experience loosened his bribery barriers.  I was dead impressed and quite fancied him for it if I’m honest.  Even father of the year can resort to crap mum bribery.  Hurrah!

Go on, vote for me.  Please?


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