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Taste this. It’s disgusting

We all drove back from my sister’s pub this evening after a lovely day celebrating said sister’s 40th birthday.  I’ll come on to that.  But first this.

On the way home, we stopped off to buy a coffee for him indoors as he was driving.  Clearly it wasn’t up to scratch hence I got asked to try it.  Well no thanks.  Disgusting petrol station coffee is something I can live without.  
But it didn’t stop there.  A little further on, he took his Birkenstocks off (the jury’s out on whether they work on men) and my GOD, the smell!  I said ‘My God your feet smell’ and he said:
“Really?  It’s the shoes, here smell them” and with that he thrust them in my face.  Why would I want to smell them when I had already expressed disgust at the smell?  
So to bring the dial back up on the tone-ometer, we had a lovely day.

I’d gone down on Saturday morning and so had a day and a night on my own (well not on my own clearly, that would have been really boring) by that I mean Without Children.    But this is a measure of just how sad I have become.  Despite being on my own, at a party (black tie no less), and without any need to get up early, I STILL went to bed at 10pm.  Actually before my 12 year old niece.  Wow I’m just rocking.

Him indoors arrived with the girls for lunch and we had a gorgeously sunny afternoon with the family.  The toddler as usual LOVING being with her cousins, discovered ‘dressing up’ and her cousin lent her a Spanish dancing dress.

As ever the toddler was most concerned with the state of the plants and had to water them all.

The baby was, once again, taken care of by a variety of grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  But here’s one of her and me on her birthday last week.  Now I know this is cheating, but it’s a picture my Dad took and a rather nice one and since I have hardly any of us together (not sure why) I wanted to put this on the blog.

She’s really starting to move now, not quite crawling yet but up on all fours and doing that funny rocking thing they do.  So I’m very happy that she seems to be developing really well given her hyper-mobility.

Another pretty action packed weekend.

How was yours?



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