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Clouds of doom

If you read my manifesto post recently you would have seen this:

7. Incentive grants for UK holidays to reduce carbon emissions and air traffic (that’s quite cool actually, could be onto a winner there).

Clearly I was proud of that one. 

Actually I just have a massive FEAR of TWC (Travelling With Children for the uninitiated).  I know there are people who do, in fact I know people who do, and they are NORMAL people not superheroes.  But frankly I can’t bring myself to go to an airport, keep the toddler from jumping on the xray machine, whilst I try and feed the baby, and him indoors struggles to carry our 55 pieces of hand luggage.  I’m a rubbish packer, a rubbish traveller and I like the UK. 

Actually I have a fear of Eliza boarding a plane to say Burma whilst we’re on a flight to say Nice.  Like Home Alone but on acid. 

Anyway the reason for this ramble?  We are going on our summer hols.  To Devon.  So clearly it’s started to rain, thunder and rain some more.  This is of NO consequence to the children, who will happily go to ‘beachside’ whatever the weather, but rather more concerning to me and him indoors. We were hoping to shrug off our his and hers gagools for a few days and maybe even reflect some sun with our uber white legs (actually that may scare the children, arms will be enough).

I have even shaved my legs and bought some fake tan!  Wow here’s a woman who means business.  So come on Great British weather, don’t let us down.

Fortunately my Dad, living in such close proximity as he does, is providing house sitting duties, and I’m sincerely hoping he’ll take the hint (the wheelbarrow, garden shears, hedge trimmer and secateurs) and keep the garden looking tidy. 

I also hope he’ll feed the cat, who, I am ashamed to say, was forgotten about until a lightbulb moment last night:
“Shiiiiit who’s going to feed Mabel???”

“Erm…we’ll leave food outside for her”

“But what about the foxes?? and she doesn’t have a catflap!”

“Don’t worry, I know a man who can”  Thank god for Dads eh?

So anyway expect a few random mobile blog posts from the trusty iphone.  You never know what you’re going to get when I’m let loose with that.


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