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Great British Holiday: part 1

Crabbing, shell seeking, burying Daddy.  Where else but on a Great British holiday can you do all those things in a day (ok a couple of days)?  We had glorious weather today, but actually it doesn’t matter either way.   I would share the pictures, but I think I’m rather lucky to have worked out ‘internet tethering’ on my iPhone here, uploading pictures seems to be sending everything over the edge.  So they will have to wait till we get home.

There have been many highlights, but something I want to share with you:

“Mummy can we get a boat like that!?” she says pointing to a rubber dingy.

“Er no darling, when you are a bit older, now let’s get an ice cream” distraction successful.

We walk on a few more yards to the kiosk.

“Mummy I’m little bit older now, can we have boat?”

“Eliza, you are approximately 2 minutes older, so no, not yet”

“Oh” (in sulky teenager tone – she’s only 2).

Mind you, this is the same toddler with whom I had to trade chocolate buttons for licks of her ice cream this morning, as I’d only got enough money on me for one.  She’s too bright for me, Lord knows where she gets it from.

The Baby meanwhile has worked out how to say ‘Nana’ as in Banana.  And I’m now ‘Bama’ as in Barack O.  Of course she says Dada perfectly.  Oh well.

Having a lovely time!

Come on England! xx


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