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Holiday snaps or Motherhood: another late gallery entry

Back from our wonderful, far-too-quick holiday, in which I remembered why I love being a mother (and okay a wife too).  I saw the joy and wonder as my toddler learnt new things, saw new things said new things and I saw innocent excitement as my beautiful baby started to crawl (well sort of) and clap and try and hide herself with her hands.  I saw my husband behave like a child playing hide and seek with the toddler and I forgot about the challenges of it all and just enjoyed it.  
Only a week in Devon, but what a brilliant, restorative week it was. 
Here’s a few snaps that aptly fit Tara’s theme this week: Motherhood.  Better late than never as they say.  
So what does motherhood mean to me?
It’s sharing a joke with a 2 year old (in her rather groovy swim attire):
It’s watching him share a joke with a 2 year old:
It’s having a permanent model with me to make pictures of country houses and gardens more lovely:
It’s having this family:
It’s appreciating that for all the chaos, sleep deprivation and anxiety there are truly outstanding moments of pure, unadulterated joy. 
Ok I’ll stop now before I make you REALLY queasy.  A sickly sentimental post is allowed every now and then though isn’t it? 
Of course it is. 

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