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My working mother rant

I love working, I love my job and I love my colleagues.  Right, now anyone who I work with that’s all you need to know.

For everyone else – here’s the truth…

Working is definitely good for my mind and my soul.  It gives me validation beyond that of being a wife, a mother, chief cook and bottle washer and let’s be honest it pays the mortgage for our gorgeous house (which I have decided not to name – Jesus, what came over me?!).

But the reality is that because of work I get precious little time with my precious little girls during the week.  When I asked this question about quality time or lack thereof on BMB the consensus was the same:  Are you kidding?  We don’t get any time let alone quality time.

So it’s pretty bleak to begin with.

But what I’ve learnt this week is that when the little mites are ill, the problem is exacerbated ten fold.   You end the day with a hot little person, tired, glazed eyes and really not all that interested in a story or a bath.  You get someone who just wants their Mummy.  All bloody night. Like at midnight, 2am, 3am, 4am, respite for 5am, then 6am.  Then, and here’s the killer, you have to go work (if said child is able to be looked after by another carer).

So here’s my question.  What happens in the winter when all the cold and flu bugs are flying around, and what happens when my little girl starts pre-school in September and joins the hotbed of germs?

How many days of work do you miss to be with your children when they are sick and how much quality time with them do you reckon you ‘lose’ to illness?

If only we could wrap them up in cotton wool eh?


So thinking of taking the girls to ‘Beachside’ tomorrow, bit of a drive, but worth it I reckon.  This weather is too good not to make the most of (sorry for TERRIBLE English).  



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