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Parenting 101: have no expectations

My friend Lisa said on Friday night:

“You know I’ve just learnt to have absolutely NO expectations [of my children] anymore”

It was said in jest, but I reckon she has a really good point.  No matter how much effort you go to to make it the perfect day or the perfect moment, nothing sinks your heart faster than the look of utter disdain on a toddler’s face, except perhaps the moment when when the warm up act for the Oscar winning tantrum starts and you know you’re a goner.

HOWEVER, if you just get on and do stuff and have absolutely no expectations – or set yourself low targets which you will fail to achieve as my step father says – then frankly anything other than a tantrum is a success?  Right?

So with this new attitude in mind, I made boiled eggs for breakfast (mainly because we had no milk and no bread – failed again).  I was fully expecting them to be thrown on the floor which is why we had breakfast in the garden (I’m learning), and being outside for breakfast is an opportunity not to be missed in this country.

So imagine my surprise when she actually LIKED them, she was patient enough to deal with scooping them out and not eating the shells.  She even fed some to the baby, who also loved them.

I call that a result.

Thank you Lisa, your advice is probably some of the best I have ever had.

Try it!

(oh yes nearly forgot – Come on England.)


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