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“I want to live in a Castle. Actually. Mummy”

Really?  Right well, ok, maybe one day darling, because of course you are a princess.

“Yes. I will be a princess at my birthday won’t I Mummy?”

Her birthday is in October.  She will be 3.

“Yes of course you will, and so will everyone else if you like.”

“No Mummy, only real Princesses” the end of this word sounds like an impression of a snake, a seemingly endless ssssssss.  Come on Mummy we all know only real Princesses can come.  I swear she almost rolled her eyes.

“Well everyone can dress up as Princesses perhaps.  Would that be nice?”

“No Mummy.  I want real Princesses to come to my party.”

Right, well sorry love but I don’t actually know any.  I chuckled to myself.

We were shopping in the local shops, looking for a casement for a light switch which is, of course, perfectly normal shopping for us.

“I want to go that Princess shop Mummy!  Looook!”

I looked.  I saw a curry house, a flower shop, a video shop, a green grocer and a hairdresser.

“Erm…Princess shop you say?”

“Yes.  That one there!”  She was pointing directly, unmistakably at the curry house.  It had elaborate pillars.  A castle.  Of course.

Thankfully it was closed, which meant that clearly the Princesses were having a sleep and couldn’t be disturbed so we found some Princess tomatoes in the green grocers instead.

Aren’t toddlers great?

Right I’m off to practice my Cybermummy keynote blog post in the mirror (which I am rather surprised to be asked to do – in a self-depracating sort of way) and hope him indoors doesn’t hear or see me.


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