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A dose of Mum Flu

Today I have taken a breather.  My husband has been at home and I have been hibernating trying to thrash out this mum flu that has finally felled me.  Today I am not a mummy, I am a child who wants looking after.

As a mother I don’t get the ‘opportunity’ to be ill very often,  what with working for a living, looking after a toddler, managing her tantrums and trying to stop the baby getting her fingers trapped in plug sockets, doors and anything else potentially hazardous.

So just for once I have been able to stay in bed, guilt free.   My daughters are with their nanny and everyone’s happy.  I have been able to write a bit, blog a bit, learn a bit.   I have been looked after by my husband.

I have stayed at home, like a child off school.  Today I am not parenting, or being anyone’s boss.  Today I have retreated into my 10 year old self.


(Well it would be better if I didn’t have a cement mixer in my head, but I take what I can get these days frankly.)


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