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So today I was off work again.  Feeling poorly and sorry for myself.   Mummy was hibernating under the duvet again and parenting was being devolved to the very capable Nanny.  Not a hint of guilt in sight.  Not even a blog post expounding my failings as a mother, just a day off.  

But at about 5pm we decided we’d head to my mother in law’s tonight, since we have been invited to a family party tomorrow.  I had thought we’d go in the morning, but after two days being cooped up inside I thought it was time for a change.  Clearly I’m not used to doing so little and need a small challenge, like a drive half way up the country, to keep me on my toes.

There is a point to this title by the way.

My dress for said party was in the dry cleaners in the village.  I remembered this about 15 minutes ago.  So I, with Eliza who insisted on coming with me, went to pick it up.  We took the car, which was lucky since I had forgotten to put her shoes on her, a fairly regular occurrence for me.  She’s pretty used to it and unless it’s pissing down she just gets on with it.  Clearly I am channeling my inner hippy through my daughter.  Either that or my parenting skills are just shit.  You decide.

Anyway, there are not one but two drycleaners in our village, both incidentally run by extremely friendly people.  To say their faces lit up when I walked in carrying a toddler was an understatement, they were positively beaming.  Strange, most people run a mile when confronted with my children.  Still not one to look a friendly dry cleaner in the mouth I took it with good grace.

Having asked the first one if my dress was there and being told it wasn’t, I was about to make my way out when from beneath the counter came the holy grail of toddler world.  A basket FULL of Lollipops “like Ziggy Mummy!” (yes another cultural TV reference from my child).   I couldn’t deny her could I, so she chose one, we said goodbye and went to the next dry cleaners.

A very similar man came out and saw us, and yes he did have my dress and yes you guessed it a basket of lollipops appeared.  She now had two lollipops.  Now I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure they probably fall into the things you shouldn’t really give toddlers category.  But since my parenting skills have been as poorly as my head lately, I think, on balance a couple of lollipops is okay.

Thankyou, kind drycleaners of Grownupsville.  Very kind of you.


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