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Fireman Sam rocks.

My daughter is obsessed with Fireman Sam.  And Elvis, Station Officer Steele (or Circle as she calls him, no I don’t know why either, I don’t speak Toddler very well), Penny, Naughty Norman Price and Mandy and all the rest of them in Pontypandy.  If she was a blogger, he’d be her number one keyword.  If he were based in our local fire station, the 999 calls would not be accidental.  She knows the theme tune, is starting to speak in a Welsh accent and can differentiate between ‘old’ ones (the quaint Trumpton like episodes I like) and the ‘new’ ones (the CGI aboninations). 

So imagine her delight when I took her to actually see, in real life, Fireman Sam at our local theatre yesterday.  Thank God it was dark in the theatre because I actually cried when I saw her face.  She was beyond happy, beyond anything I can do justice with words.  All her Christmasses had come at once, she was in toddler heaven. And I felt like a real, proper Mummy.

I realised that I am EXTREMELY starved of live music experiences lately.  I know this because how else could I explain singing along and tapping my feet while my daughter danced in the aisle?

I realised as well that Eliza very definately is his biggest fan.  Or at least at our local theatre.  She was most concerned about the absence of some the ‘key’ characters.

“Mummy where’s Helen??”

Er, she’s at home darling.

“Where’s helicopter and Tom to rescue Norman and Mandy?!” when they had inexplicably drifted off to sea in a boat. 

“Er, I’m sure he’ll rescue them while we go and get some ice cream.” 

Clearly a helicopter was too much of a logisitcs nightmare for Pontpandy Rocks!

She knew things no other child knew.  She was questioning the plot (which was sketchy I admit), she was concerned that Mike Flood (the worlds’ worst handy man) couldn’t put up a flat pack stage, she was concerned that Norman & Mandy would wear life jackets in the boat (to my knowledge she has never seen much less worn a life jacket). 

It was 1 hour 45 minutes of pure joy with a short break for ice cream, which was also, clearly, a joy.

If you get a chance to go to Pontypandy Rocks!  Do it.  (And by the way this is very definately not a sponsored post.  I paid for our tickets, about £12 each.  Just in case you were wondering.)

As if this excitement wasn’t enough, we had lots of people over for a bbq yesterday too.  Along with Eliza’s best friend.  I’m not sure when it happened but I seem to have become rather sociable in my old age.  Never intended for that to happen.

All in a all it was a very busy weekend, with a trip up to Birmingham on Friday night and an 18th birthday tea party on Saturday.

Mum, Dad, Toddler and Baby all exhausted last night. 

Imagine my joy at coming to work today….


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