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Dancing with Rabbit

Monday morning and Mummy is yesterday’s news.  I get a little bit of ‘No Mummy not go to work!’ with some fake tears when our nanny arrives, but within 2 minutes she’s forgotten me and is telling the nanny all about the weekend.

“We went swimming with Mummy and Daddy and I jumped on Daddy!”

“Oh poor Daddy”

“No.  Daddy like being jumped on!” much laughter.

She then goes on to talk about how it was Tilly’s birthday (it wasn’t) and we put candles on her cake (we didn’t), she then explains about visiting Grandma (we didn’t), and I realise that the toddler mind just aggregates all the fun things it has experienced over the past, well lifetime I guess, and bunches it all up together in one great big brilliant memory.

How completely wonderful.  Nothing like a dose of Toddler enthusiasm to brighten up a Monday morning.

We went to visit my sisters’ at the weekend.  This is probably my children’s favourite thing in the whole world to do because of her little cousins whom she ADORES.  It’s a close run thing though with their Grandma and the rest of her cousins from my husband’s side.

I would go on, but Toddler’s asking me to dance with Rabbit while she dances with Milo – to Tin Pan Annie music.

Oh if only I could do this all day.


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