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Listen with Mother

Oh dear.  There is a moment in every parent’s life (so I’m told) where you realise the impact and influence you have on your children.  A moment where you understand with complete clarity that you are your child’s guiding force, that you are their example and they will follow you blindly.  (Until they realise there’s another way, and then, as I understand it, all bets are off frankly.)

But this moment came to me last night during the normal bedtime negotiation:

If you go to bed now I’ll read you 2 Fireman Sam stories,

No Mummy I want Princess story,

Ok have a Princess story too, now into bed please.

No Mummy, want to do some drawing.

Oh God beam me up…

Anyway, the usual stuff.  But she suddenly throws herself on the bed and says:

“Mummy, I am VERY angry.  You are making me VERY cross.”

Word for horrible word she repeated back to me a mantra that I am ashamed to say I didn’t know I had.  But as soon as she said it I realised I do say this.  A LOT.

So I did what all not-very-good-parents-but-try-really-hard do and tried to make it work positively.

“Oh dear darling, I’m sorry you are angry.  When you are angry I want to try and make you happy.  How can I do that?”

“I want to draw Mummy.”  Big smile for her, heart sink for Mummy.  Out came the crayons….

Oh well, not perfect, but getting by I guess.


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