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Statistic anxiety and my very best (girl) friends

OK own up – who was it?  Who ‘unfollowed’ my blog?  Actually hang on a minute, this is a bit pointless since it’s unlikely you’re reading.  Oh well, what the heck.

No I’m fine, not offended IN ANY WAY.  Completely fine with it.  Statistics mean NOTHING to me.  I am taking The Moiderer’s advice.  Who cares anyway right?  I’ll convince myself soon I just know it.  Who knew I was such a sensitive flower?

I’ll get over it pretty quickly as I am slightly over excited since tomorrow afternoon we have our annual ‘Summer Fun’ day.  Something I created a few years ago which basically involves a few games of rounders on Clapham Common followed by bbq, pub quiz and booze up in the pub.  Cheap and cheerful.

So that’s great, but I’m MOST excited as I’m seeing my oldest and best girl friends.  Lucy, Kate, Claire and Louise.  Louise who has been in Chile for ages (she had the temerity to marry a Chilean man and have 2 children and then move there and leave us all)  and we haven’t all been together for years.  It’s very exciting.  Added bonus for me is I get to stay at Kate’s meaning a LIE IN.  Oh thank you God.

I am so incredibly hungry but we have nothing in this house to eat apart from Petit Filous or cereal.  It may have to be a bowl of Cheerios washed down with the remains of my cider.  I know how to live I do.

By the way, if anyone was aware of my mini-drama last night, where I lost several thousand words of my book inexplicably.  Well, I found them.   I think possibly I’m slightly high from relief.  Actually reading it back it wasn’t particularly good (well none of it’s really all that great) but somehow when you lose some writing it’s always the best thing you’ve ever written in your whole life.

Right, off to pack a bag for tomorrow.


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