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The Gallery: Playtime

I haven’t put any pictures up for a while, too busy wallowing in introspection.  What a fun person I am. 

So anyway enough of all that. 

This week the gallery theme is Playtime.

For Eliza right now anything to do with Fireman Sam is her idea of heaven.  So she was beside herself today, when taken to a playday where she actually got to get in a real, live, fire engine:

But for me, one of the best playtimes is when I have the girls on a Friday and I take them off in the bike trailer for a picnic.  Normally to the magic fairy wood, but sometimes further afield, it’s one of the many things I love about being in our new house, so much to explore.  Here’s a few pictures from our last picnic together, and one of the girls in their bike trailer:
Tilly looking suspciously at a strawberry
Getting stuck in
Waiting for Mummy to get on her bike

Eliza loves the trailer, thinks its great fun, Tilly’s less sure, mainly because she is in very close proximity to her sister who has no respect for personal space.  But as long as the journey isn’t too long and I keep an ear out for screams, we generally have fun.  It’s the best possible way to get around with them both without having to heave the pushchair around or load them in the car.  I love it.


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