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Wow, I feel like a real mum!


I had today off work.  I have most Friday’s off, in theory.  But any working parent will know the blackberry/office/phone is never far away.  Just a second away from bringing you down and bursting your mummy bubble.

It certainly tried to bring me down today, gave it its best shot.  But I stood firm after a little wobble. 

In fact today it was impossible for anything to bring me down.  I had such a lovely day with my girls and my husband.  This morning Eliza and I went into the local town to buy jelly moulds, jelly, a birthday present for a party tomorrow and a few other bits.  She was beautifully behaved and a real joy to be with.  We discovered Poundland, which frankly right now is a bloody godsend.  I am evangelical about Poundland now.  (Jonathan you would be so proud of me.)  So naturally I bought not one but two jelly moulds.  Well you can never have too many can you?

After a visit from Grandpa (my Dad) which was very jolly, the girls had a nap and then we went swimming.  It’s funny really because Eliza HATED it when she was a baby, so I stopped taking her to classes.  But she loves it now and Tilly adores it.  She just splashes and kicks so hard.  I got completely drenched, which was to be expected I guess, being in a swimming pool and everything.

Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell

I just put the girls to bed and for the first time read Tilly a story.  I thought I ought to start since I read to Eliza from a young age and she loves stories and has excellent vocabulary.   Tilly loved ‘Dear Zoo’ (it’s a fantastic lift-flap book if you haven’t got it you must get it), she lifted all the flaps and kissed all the animals.

Eliza did her usual stalling techniques.  More stories, wees, poos, putting Milo and Rabbit to bed, making sure they had enough of her cover etc etc, she’s very inventive.

So now I am relaxing with a glass of red, admittedly trying to ignore Eliza’s shouting for me, but feeling pretty good about myself as a mum. It’s nice to feel like a real mum for a change, not a part time one or a cross one or a shouty one or a tired one.  Just a good one.


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