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Bedtime stalling tactics

My toddler is a very confident, happy little girl.  She chats away all day long, will happily play with other children, go and ask grown ups we know to help her do things and doesn’t cling at all.

Except at bed time.

Tonight she has regressed to her clingy, “mummy-stroke-my-hair” stage.  She’s just a little girl and she wants her Mummy, which is how it should be and actually we all love to be needed don’t we.   I have to remind myself that it’s just another stage.  There are lots of stages they go through and this is just a recurring one I guess.  Despite all their daytime confidence and energy, come bedtime all their insecurities come out and they want Mummy or Daddy.

Being the Mummy I am, who can forgive most things at the drop of a winning smile or a wimper from my beloved child I find it hard to leave her in distress.  So I don’t.  I talk to her, which is easier now she can understand me, but my objective is clear.  Calm her down then leave.  This invariably involves promises of one sort or another, normally more milk, if I’m really desperate its more milk in a ‘baby bottle’.

And then I go beyond desperation to sheer insanity and offer her a dummy.  Yes you read that right.  The dummy that I successfully got rid of at 18 months, I reintroduce at almost three years old.

Naturally I keep these promises (okay bribes) to myself since him indoors has been doing rather a lot of Daddy daycare lately and seems to know better than me.  I’ll leave you to imagine what I think of that.

She’s pretty good normally, but as anyone who follows this blog or my twitter nonsense will attest, we go up and down.

As it happens tonight is the first night in a long time we’ve had this problem.  But I should have seen it coming since stalling techniques have been getting more and more inventive lately.  I had to chase her round the landing and on and off my bed about three times before I eventually got her in her bed tonight.

I put this all down to having a confident, spirited child who just likes to make sure Mummy’s around at bedtime.  I’m sure it’s all about control and learning her boundaries and all that.

Just another stage in the haphazard parenting journey I’m on.

I’d love to know what stalling techniques your children have used?


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