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She who screams loudest…

I stood there at the sink with one baby in my arms simultaneously crying and throwing up on me, whilst the other child sat on the side screaming after being thrown up on.  I was meanwhile covered in sick and lost in a sort of inertia.  Not sure which child to attend to first.  I think I might have been laughing.  How much worse could it get?

If I put screaming Tilly down, then she’d just scream more and actually she was the one being sick so needed her Mummy.  But if I didn’t pick up Eliza she would get more and more upset, she was scared I think, and the gates of hell would open.

Tricky.  What should I do?  What would Tommy Zoom do? (cultural reference for those who don’t know).

Fortunately at that precise moment the heavens had worked together to deliver my husband through the door.  He looked at us, took off his top (ever the practical man, didn’t want to get covered in sick), and took Eliza.  I took Tilly up to the bath.

She was very sad, bless her.  She was leaning on my shoulder, arms around my neck.  I had one of those guilty mummy moments.  I was sorry she was feeling lousy, but I was really rather pleased to be cuddled.

This all followed an action packed day.

I have written about the collective ability of toddlers to rampage through a house like locusts.  Well today it happened again and it was absolutely wonderful.

It was the first time in a while that all the babies and toddlers of my anti-natal group had got together.  It sounds weird saying anti-natal group since these girls are really very good friends.  I find it amazing that we got thrown together through the mutual bond of having a second baby and we all really got on.

Suffice it to say Eliza was in her element.  The hostess with the mostess. Showing the others her room, her toys, emptying the ‘treat’ cupboard.  There’s something rewarding about listening to a bunch of toddlers playing independently of you.  It’s like the next phase in their childhood.   She was so excited that she crashed out on the sofa at about 6pm.

But then she woke up.

And I had the usual shenanigans putting her to bed.  Sigh.

Ah well, tomorrow’s another day.


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