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Blog Idol: part 2

When I first started this blog I wrote a post called ‘Time for Blog Idol?‘. 

The basic premise being competitive blogging, league tables, how-to-beat-yourself-up-and-feel-shit, soul searching and ultimately a great big fat “Read me please!!!” sort of vibe to it.


As it turns out this type of thing is cyclical in the parent blogging community.  We periodically go through chronic confidence crisis, no-one-likes-me-itis and what-the-fuck-i’ll-just-give-up-so-there-ness.

Not just me, there are LOADS of these posts about in the last few weeks. All lovely people feeling the strain of being part of a blogging community.

So I will do my best to get over myself, stop being so self absorbed and remember why I started blogging.  It’s a creative outlet and a way to share my journey of parenthood.  Feel it write it.

There are considerable perks along the way, friendships, experiences and opportunties that might not come my way were it not for this blog.  But ultimately I want the girls to read this blog in 20 years time and think ‘wow my mum really really loved me and she was really cool and thin and had no cellulite either!’ (ok ok, maybe not) but you get the picture.

Enough already bloggers.  We all rock for our own reasons.

Happy blogging!


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