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My baby’s becoming a toddler…

Her little face is so expressive, she smiles broadly in complete delight as if she can’t quite believe she’s done it.  But she has.  She has pulled herself up onto her shaky little legs and wobbly ankles, with such focus and concentration all three of us clap her achievement.

My husband and I are almost in tears and Eliza is ‘so proud of my baby sister’.

Since that time a day or so ago, she has, this evening, climbed the whole flight of stairs, all ON HER OWN!  Something one might normally dread since it means not one but two stairgates, but for us it’s just wonderful.

She’s standing up.  She has hypermobility.  She’s going to be just fine.

She has just started to give some very, very special cuddles, reserved only for very, very special people.  Normally Eliza (who is the BEST person in the world as far as Tilly is concerned) and her Dad.  Occasionally Mummy gets one, and as you can imagine I lose myself in her hot little neck and her intoxicating smell.

She’s quite capable of giving Eliza as good as she gets too.  Woe betide the toddler who steals a toy off baby Tilly.

God I love my girls.  They are incredible.


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