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How to avoid public transport (according to my toddler).

I was just folding up the washing, chatting to myself with Eliza in the room so I felt less mad.

“Right tonight, I’m going to get you two in to bed, then put in some words on my book.”

“Okay Mummy.  Why?”

“So I can make lots of money and look after you two rather than going to work” (clearly I live in a fantasy world, which, I’m told is perfectly healthy, for the benefit of any colleagues who may be reading, obviously I LOVE my job).

But I can flap my wings and fly to work Mummy!”

“Really?  Can you?  That’s good.”

“Yes, but you can’t ‘cos you don’t have wings Mummy.”  (very sad face).

“No, what a shame.”

“But my Peppa outfit has wings – you can borrow that!” (big smile).

“Well thanks Eliza that’s very kind, I’ll borrow your Peppa outfit for work.”

“It might be too big for you actually Mummy.”  (sad face again).

Back to folding up washing, getting their supper ready and, of course,  reality.


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