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Tilly talk

It always starts with a few words doesn’t it, the talking bit.  The bit were they look at things and start to compute in their developing brains that there are words for things.  Objects, food, milk.

So far we’ve had a lot of ‘water’ said in a curious Chinese accent which is very sweet and my husband and I endlessly hold water containers and sippy cups up to her when people come round.  Ever the proud parents.

We’ve had ‘mi mi mi mi’ which is obviously milk, milk, milk.  Then there’s ‘Pep Pep Pep’  yup Peppa Pig.  We were clearly delighted that such a cultural reference should be amongst her first words.

But today something happened that totally rocked my world.

“Mummy”  complete with arms up and a pleading look in her eyes.

I picked her up and she gave me a proper, full on, I love you Mummy style, cuddle.  

Complete contentment and actually real connection.  It feels like she is a real little person and she finally knows I’m her mummy.  Maybe she’s known all along, but it’s the first time I’ve felt like she knows.

Today there’s been lots of ‘Mummy’ and lots of not wanting to be put down, lots of crawling up into my lap for cuddles.  It’s lovely.  Now.

Give me a few weeks or perhaps even days knowing me and I’ll be eating my words as not one but two children call me on a persistent basis.  In fact this did happen today at supper time.  But as usual in these impossible situations (Eliza was in meltdown and Tilly had a yoghurt pot unended on her head), I just laughed at them both.


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