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Blog Content Wanted.

Good evening all,

I hope you are well and enjoying this  ’Back to School’ time.  I love that term, it’s a combination of necessity and marketing wrapped up in its own little season.

So anyway here’s the thing.  I have hit the blog wall.  That great big brick thing that has risen up and obstructed many a blogger in the past.  I’m not quite sure if this stuff I’m writing is really going anywhere. And I say that in a nice way.  I’m not having a confidence crisis, because actually I think I’m bloody brilliant, clearly (someone has to), but in a real and genuine way.  Also I’m writing a book at the moment and I’m really rather busy with that in my ‘spare’ time.  

So here are my options:

1.  Exploit the f**k out of my husband as he provides endless content inspiration which I have resisted since I have a sneaking suspicion he’d divorce me if I made our private life public (and actually I’m sure I’d live to regret it.)  So that’s a no.

2.  Have another baby.  Bit extreme for the sake of blog material, but you know how important this blog is to me.  No that’s absurd.  Honestly.  Don’t Even Think About It Holly.  (Mind you it would provide 38+ weeks of material until I actually had to give birth but then I’d have to go through the new born phase, even more sleep deprivation…no on balance, that’s not going to happen.)

3.  Ask my blog pals for guest posts.  Now here’s an idea I could roll with.  Some witty words on life as a working mum would suit this blog rather well.  Or anything really.  But fun, I think we all need some fun.  Anyone game?

So there you go.

If you’re up for it, let me know.  I might even manage to guest blog for you too (or not, if that’s what you’d rather, clearly).

Eliza’s first day at pre-school tomorrow.  I’m nervous and worried and anxious and talking waffle to assuage my nerves.  I get the feeling this is the first of many such emotions as my girls grow up.

Night night xx


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